Local SEO (Search Engine Optimization)


What good is a professionally designed site... if NOBODY can find it?


But be careful...NOT ALL SEO IS THE SAME.

I do not do general "National Organic SEO". (trying to get your site listed for keywords all over the country...or world)

My clients target clients are: Small businesses NOT GETTING FOUND in the Local Google search results (aka “Pack 7″ or “Map pack”) and are losing business to their competition because of it! 

Local SEO Stuart FloridaGetting your small business found in the local search results is my specialty!

I ONLY focus on Local SEO, because that is my targeted clients NEED. Since I specialize in being the best at getting your business found in the "Pack 7" or "Maps" or "Google Local", my clients enjoy almost 95% of the clicks on a local search results page ( and almost a 500% increase in traffic as well)!

Thats HUGE!!



Great Local SEO for Small Business At Any Size

Over the years I had many clients (usually bootstrap start-ups) that didn't have ability to afford professionally done Full Local SEO, but DID have the time (or staff) to do it themselves, so I created....

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So for all clients of SiteDesignZ, any Local SEO work is done using the 5 Top factors found on the AssistedSEO website.

This means you now have two great options for getting your new website found! [sws_divider_basic]



If you have the time or resources, then you can do this on your own! I keep AssistedSEO updated with ONLY what you need to focus on with Step-by-step howto instructions, to help you not only learn Local SEO, but continue to dominate your competition! Website with only On-Page Local SEO done These websites are a one-time investment of $800 - $1600 (Easily broken up into weekly or monthly payments if needed) You're paying for the Website Plus having me do all the On-Page SEO (Step 1 in AssistedSEO) or  



I have helped HUNDREDS of clients build a great website and get it ranked locally in their markets and I can do the same for you too. Website AND having me do your Local SEO (Using my Assisted SEO) The investment for both website ($800-$1600) +  full Local SEO ($2400) (Easily broken up into weekly or monthly payments if needed) Lock in your area…and you're done! Additional areas (cities) run about $1200 per.     [sws_divider_line]     More info on Organic SEO stuff if you're curious....


Search engine optimization involves a number of content management techniques that make your website as easy as possible for search engines to find and index. We call these techniques "Dotting the i's" and it's amazing how many websites don't follow these basic principals.  Here are a few:
  • proper key word targeting
  • title tag and meta description specificity
  • consistent site architecture
  • and a number of linking strategies both within your site and between your site, and others like it.
Google and a number of other search engines publish suggestions that will help give your site higher rankings, but typically it takes an experienced consultant to propel your site into the top five results where approximately 70% of all clicks come from. Search Engine Optimization involves a relatively high initial investment but can reap an enormous number of "free" clicks if done well. If you're considering a website redesign or restructuring your website in any way, it's crucial to bring in an SEO consultant like myself as part of your small business' internet marketing strategy. A QUICK WORD ABOUT THE IMPORTANCE OF LOCAL SEO... Google SEO Local Search ResultsAs of January 2008, all of the major search engines, including Google, began to display a separate interface at the top of their search result pages for locally targeted key words and key phrases (like "Pizza Stuart, Florida"). This new interface features a map and a combination of either 3 or 7 text listings (known colloquially in the search marketing industry as a "Local 3-pack" in Yahoo or "Local 7-pack" in Google.  They also show these listings for selected product and service-based searches without any geographic modifiers. Why do you need SEO and Internet Marketing? Take a look at the patterns in Google's search results.  It shows that almost 90% of your customers are clicking on the first page and almost 65% click on the top 3 results. Results             % of Clicks Position 1                42.13% Position 2                11.90% Position 3                 8.50% Position 4                 6.06% Position 5                 4.92% Position 6                 4.05% Position 7                  3.41% Position 8                 3.01% Position 9                 2.85% Position 10               2.99%