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tom_jodzio_web_designHello and welcome to SiteDesignZ!  I'm Tom Jodzio, the founder, and I love Web Design and Local SEO.  Having graduated in 99′ with a Bachelors in Web Design and a Minor in Online Marketing, I have been building websites and getting them found for literally 20 YEARS! (I’m 47 if you’re curious.)


After working for a few years in the corporate world at Herald.com (The Miami Herald Online), creating CD-Rom and computer-based training applications for Motorola, serving as the C.O.O. for Evolution Communications and consulting on international technology issues as Director of Technology for the World Trade Center of Palm Beach, I realized my true passion was helping small businesses, giving them the same level of web design and SEO that the big companies get…but within a budget they can afford.


I love the reaction when a client hits #1 in local search for their keyword!


I live in Florida with my beautiful and amazing wife Cindi and our 6 BOYS! (They dont all live with us, but we have definitely earned our stripes!)


We are a family that does everything together. We live on the beach and are on it almost everyday, surfing, skimming, paddle boards, running, walking…We love the beach!


I’m an avid reader, about a book a week and usually 2 or 3 at the same time..LOL


Above all, I’m a Christian and have a strong relationship with Jesus. I love studying theology and Christian apologetics.



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