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The Ultimate Guide To Local Business Growth

Everyone Wants To Get On the First Page of Google

You have 3 options for getting there:

  1. Paid Ads, but you do need to know what you’re doing and  have an ad budget.
  2. Improve your SEO, but it takes months to build up ranking and it’s expensive.
  3. Google My Business, the fastest option with biggest impact and it’s free. 

Google My Business is FREE to create, claim, verify and manage your listing.

Plus, it shows results in as little as 2-4 weeks.

You just need to know how to optimize and manage it.

DON’T BE INTIMIDATED By Google My Business

Google My Business works best if YOU the owner manage it.

It is actually pretty easy to manage and only take 1-2 hours a week to see dramatic results.

However, most people get overwhelmed with figuring out what to do and what works.

You can learn to do it yourself:

The downside:

I tried to get my clients to manage their OWN Google My Business.

But, I knew my clients didn’t have the time to learn and I couldn’t train each one individually.

Then I realized, they needed a Plan of Action to follow.

So, I wrote out my exact internal process of managing Google My Business and created…


Google My Business

Action Plan

The Ultimate Guide for Setting up & Managing Google My Business.

Written for anyone, at any level of experience.

Then… gave it to my clients.

Once they started to use the GMB Action Plan they quickly became addicted to it.

The more they “engaged”, the more business they got.

Some of my clients were “too busy” … so they gave it to their:

We found it didn’t matter who in the company did it, as long as someone actually did it.

“…bookkeeper doubled our leads in 4 weeks”

The results were amazing.

Who is the Action Plan for?

Local Business Owners

Digital Marketers

(MOZ, SterlingSky, LocalU, BrightLocal, WhiteSparks, Backlinko, LocalVisibility, Neil Patel etc.)

Engagement is the Key

Google rewards businesses that use Google My Business.

The more you engage …

The more  visibility you get..

The more customers that will contact you…

The more you grow. 

simple as that…

I call this process:

The GMB Growth Formula 

The more you engage …

The more  visibility you get..

The more customers that will contact you…

The more you grow. 

simple as that…

Simple, but NOBODY is doing it.

Well, less than 17% of local businesses actively manage their GMB listing.

And most of them do it wrong.

You have a huge opportunity beat out your competition with Google My Business.

Hi, I’m Tom Jodzio

I love helping local small businesses develop an advantage over their competition through digital marketing.

Some career highlights:

The GMB Action Plan Gets Results

Day after day I hear stories like this:

“… just started 8 weeks ago and have seen over a 400% increase in leads. Engaging like crazy now. None of my competition is doing anything like this, hope they never find you or your action plan ;)” 


“…was really skeptical about ordering your Action Plan, just seemed too easy. Man, I’m glad I decided to order,  Only 30 days in and already noticing a big difference in number of calls. Keeping up with GMB has just become a part of my business now. Only wish I would have started this a long time ago! Thanks for putting this together Tom!”



And new business keeps flowing for these companies, months and years down the road.

You can do this too.

Whats Inside The GMB Action Plan?

My exact internal process of managing GMB, organized into 2 easy to follow primary steps:

Step 1: Setup

Time: Approx. 2-3 hours. One time.


    • Verifying tips to make the process quick and easy.

Listing Optimization 

    • Checklists for optimizing every feature of your listing.
    • How to know when you should and should not use a feature.
    • How to optimize your photos (Including geo-tags)‍.


    • A step-by-step on how to build citations.
      I make this really easy!
    • A complete list of citation sources.
    • Outsource warnings and recommendations (No using Yext).
    • BONUS Tip to hit a level of citation domination that not many agencies even know of.


    • Warnings for using automated review management companies.
    • Your own review link and link placement how-to’s.
    • How to easily setup your own review management system.‍

Step 2:


Step 2: Engagement

Time: Approx. 1-2 hours per week. 

Ongoing weekly items to engage and GROW

    • Powerful action items for increasing your reviews.
    • Quick review templates you can use for all types of replies.
    • Multiple methods of contacting Google for support with fast replies.
    • How to expand your visibility on Google Search and Maps.
    • How to easily implement the 3 newest engagement features of Google:
      • Posting
      • Messages
      • Q&A’s (The Secret weapon) How to optimize and skyrocket your rankings!
    • How to access Insights in your Google My Business account (what the data means and its limitations).
    • BONUS: GMB Action Plan BOOSTER – This is a special resource that outlines a simple tactic I’ve been using for years that can be the magic bullet for your listing. 
      You’ll see calls and visits spike when you use this.

You Get Everything!

I want you to succeed, so EVERYTHING you need is included. There are NO up-sells to this.

The GMB Action Plan

You get instant access to all of my processes and strategies for transforming your listing into a revenue engine.

This is the simple 2-Step framework shown above.

Direct access to me

If you’re stuck – there is a personal messaging system within the Action Plan to ask questions. In addition, you will have my personal email address to reach me directly.

I respond to all questions and emails within 24 hours.

Bonus #1: GMB Booster

This is a special resource that outlines a deceptively simple tactic I’ve been using for years that can be the magic bullet for your listing.

You’ll see calls and visits spike when you use it.

Bonus #2: Weekly “GMB Insights”

Every week – I send my customers one email with a “GMB Insight”.

These are small – but powerful – answers to questions received by other Action Plan members, which are usually incredibly insightful.

Constant Updates and Notifications

Google is constantly making changes and adding new features to Google My Business.

The Action Plan is kept up to date to reflect these changes. 

The ones that need your attention are immediately emailed to you, as well as posted on your Action Plan Dashboard.

I Guarantee This Will Work For You

Once you’ve followed the processes, you can expect to see results within 4 weeks. Most times, they come within 2 weeks.

If you’re unhappy – you don’t think the Action Plan will give you a huge return on your investment –  I’ll give you a full refund.

Just send me a message through the Action Plan Dashboard and I will process it within 24 hours.

Get Instant Access Now

The GMB Action Plan normally sells for $179
(Based on the cost of  1/2 month of GMB management)

Due to hardship affecting more local businesses due to Covid-19, the price has been reduced $100 to an instant access cost of a $79 and will include the continued support and updates.

Google My Business will grow your business.

GMB Action Plan will EASILY show you how.

Are you ready to GROW?

GMB Action Plan

$ 79
  • Instant Access to the 2-Step Framework
  • Direct Access to a GMB Professional
  • Bonus: GMB Booster (Magic Bullet)
  • Updates, Notifications & Support
Covid Discount

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Can I hire an agency to do this for me?

Of course you can. But it’s more expensive and frankly, agencies can’t engage like you!

Most agencies will charge anywhere from $500 to $1,500 per month to optimize your listing (Phase 1 in Action Plan)…but that is where they stop.

Phase 2 of the action plan is the Engagement Phase:

GMB Growth Formula
More Engagement gets you…
More Visibility gets you…
More Customers gets you..
More Revenue.

Don’t believe the hype of agencies, they will never be able to get the level of engagement you need to succeed (especially as GMB grows) and you’ll be wasting a TON of money trying.

Embrace the change.

Commit to taking charge of your own GMB Listing.

I’m not really a *techie*  – will I be able to use this?

Yes. The Action Plan was built for my customers. Most are service based business owners that have never even touched Facebook or use phone apps. lol.

So this HAD to be simple to work…

    • NO confusing tech-jargon
    • Simple step-by-step instructions
    • No Fluff or lengthy background reasoning
    • Direct do this, don’t do that statements

They use it now and love it.

However, if you do hit an area that seems a little challenging, after ordering just shoot me an email or message in your from your dashboard and I’ll walk you through it or even sometimes, just do it and send it over to you to save you to time (no extra charge).

I already know about Google My Business. Will this be useful?

Hundreds of consultants and agencies have purchased the GMB Action Plan.

In talking with a lot of them it, I found they really like having access to my processes for setting up GMB for their clients. Then, quite a few actually recommend The GMB Action Plan to their clients to follow for engagement.

Additionally, the documented processes in the Action Plan make the work of optimizing listings, scaleable and repeatable. A very important consideration when trying to grow your agency.

Verified my GMB a long time ago, but have not done anything with it. Will this still add value to my business?

More so, then ever!  Many businesses aren’t aware of all the options available to them to help improve their results. That’s exactly what the GMB Action Plan shows you.

Are you just going to up-sell me on high priced services?

My primary business is still in the management of several hyper-competitive local digital marketing campaigns for a few select high profile clients. I developed the Action Plan as a way for all my legacy clients to be able to manage GMB themselves … not to get rich. (The Action Plan is free to my clients) 

EVERYTHING you need is included. There are NO Up-sells to this. Period.


How fast can I start seeing results?

I like to be conservative with questions like this. There’s a lot of factors to consider (location, market competition, business category etc. ), however once you’ve followed the processes in Phase 1 and start on Phase 2, you can expect to see very noticeable results within 4 weeks.

Most times, they come within 2 weeks.

Contrast to traditional SEO, where you can wait anywhere between 3-12 months to see a payoff.

Have any other questions?

‍ You’re welcome to email me at

Google My Business will grow your business.

GMB Action Plan will EASILY show you how.

See Results In 2-4 Weeks!

GMB Action Plan

$ 79
  • Instant Access to the 2-Step Framework
  • Direct Access to a GMB Professional
  • Bonus: GMB Booster (Magic Bullet)
  • Updates, Notifications & Support
Covid Discount



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