Monthly Packages

Hire Your own LOCAL Web Designer and SEO Strategist to work exclusively for your small businesses website for only a few hours a month.

Hiring one of these professionals would cost your business $5,000+ per month and you really don’t need full time.  SiteDesignZ has created the perfect SEO management packages to help solidify your business at the top of search engine results and staying in the minds of your social network…while keeping your monthly cost as LOW as possible.

Maintain Package

SEO (Long-term ranking strategies)
Webmaster tools monitoring
Social Media updating

Term: Ongoing (Min. 6 mo. for impact review)
Cost: $500/mo.

Advanced Management Package

SEO (Longterm Ranking strategies)

Webmaster tools monitoring

Local search monitoring
Analytics monitoring, review consult
Social Media monitoring
On Line Reputation analysis consult
Review monitoring
Technology briefings

Term: Ongoing (Min. 6 mo. for impact review)
Cost: $1000/mo. ($6000/6 mo. or $11000/annual contract)

[h2_underlined]Dominate Marketing Package [/h2_underlined]
Account setup and initial strategy overview

SEO (Impact Ranking)

Webmaster tools monitoring
Competitive Analysis
Keyword/phrase rank review and analysis
Landing page optimization and refinement
Local search monitoring and creation and updates
Analytics review and consult
Online Reputation Monitoring management
Social Media monitoring and posting
Hotmap and Attention Maps review and reporting
Technology briefs and consultation

Term: Ongoing (Min. 6 mo. for impact review)

Cost: $3000/mo. ($18000/6 mo. or $35000 for annual contract)