New SiteDesignZ FINALLY

One of the hardest things to do is work on your own internal development, but you can’t preach and build a technology if you are not implementing the same strategies. When SiteDesignz broke off from Techient Web Designs, we simply kept the same look and OLD technologies to ease the transition. Old SitedesignZ Website Design interface

The old site, while nice looking, was static and built with Dreamweaver by hand. While the technology was fine when launched, the scalability of the site, SEO and ability to integrate socially, were seriously out of date, especially considering our core product.

Enter SiteDesignZ 2.0 (hate that cliche term, but it fits). Our new site is based on a modified (beefed up) WordPress 3.1 Content Management system. The advantages are huge and will help to push siteDesignZ to the next level in Social Media (client communications) and education for ALL small businesses.

I hope you enjoy the new SiteDesignZ, and if you have any comments or feedback on the look, please feel free to engage.

All the best, Tom