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  • March 20, 2011
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SiteDesignZ redesign Patrick Stracuzzi websiteWe recently launched the newly redesigned website, for the Patrick Stracuzzi Real Estate team in Stuart Florida. The original website, built by another developer, was a Joomla CMS with an Open Realty application installed. At SiteDesignZ we work with Open Realty and actually have several live websites ( and
http://www.advancedreales ) which still use the Open Realty application. However, these are primarily for our commercial real estate clients.

Open Realty allows you to enter your own listings and feature them on your website. So in essence, you are entering the property into Open Realty and the MLS separately (double work). The reason we use this for Commercial properties is there is no feed from the primary source of listings in the commercial real estate market (Loopnet). So having no way of embedding a listing feed into your website from your Loopnet account (please comment if you know differently 😉 the only option, is to modify the Open Realty application to display the core Commercial Real Estate specs for commercial real estate websites (double data input).

For Residential Real Estate Web Design however, the best solution we have found is a combination of WordPress and IDX Broker. WordPress gives you the CMS functionality of creating and editing pages and post as well as superior SEO but the really nice part is there is an IDX broker plugin for WordPress that allows for widgets on the side bar. The IDX Broker MLS feed is provided by the actual IDX Broker website with a “wrapper” of the website dynamically generated as search request are being made.

The result is a beautiful website that allows for a focus on the Real Estate agents own properties, local communities and subdivisions and all other local available properties for the buyer to simply and easily brows. Ultimately this means LEADS for the real estate agents and increased sales for the the whole team.

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