Google My Business Removes their Toll-Free Phone Number

We’ve removed toll free customer support numbers from the Google My Business homepage. If you call one of the existing numbers, you’ll be directed to the Google My Business Help Center for a more personalized and efficient help experience. You’ll still be able to request a toll free call from a support specialist under the

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GMB Adds a Maximum of 20 Service Areas

So, logged in this morning to something I’d never seen before. When inputting a client’s service areas, I got an error message that “you can only add up to 20 areas”. Definitely something new for us and never had it pop up before. Did some testing and it doesn’t seem to matter if it is

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Google Now Shows Short Names on About Tab

@TomW showed me this morning that there is now a “sharing” section on the About tab for a Google My Business profile. I’m only seeing this on mobile browsers (not the Maps app). I have no idea how many people even click on this tab, but if they do, this will be a new option

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Google My Business Reviews Get Auto-Suggested Replies

Saw something for the first time today: Google auto-suggested a reply for us when replying to a review. When clicking the “reply” button, it auto-populates a “suggested reply”. The reply itself is really basic and I wouldn’t bother using it, but hey- new updates to GMB that aren’t really helpful are always nice.

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