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Management Phase:

The GMB Behavior Boost

Do not start this process unless you have already done the Phase 1 Setup. 

The following strategy will help “BOOST”  Phase 2 of the GMB Growth Strategy (Engagement)


I‍n local search Google has a ranking factor for “Behavior Signals” 

This means someone 

  • Searches for your business in google 
  • Finds your website in the search results
  • Clicks on the listing 
  • Hangs on the page for a bit and checks out other pages on it.

 Obviously Google knows who is searching and clicking on search results, so this has to be done by unique visitors.

Once you rank in the 3-Pack (Top 3 Listings) you will get the traffic that will click on you.

The issue is that if you are farther down on the page, its harder for searchers to find you and click on your link. 

The GMB Behavior Boost will help get you  those clicks!

There are two big players in this feild. Each has their perks. 




SERP Empire



I’ve used both and without a doubt recommend SERP Empire (SERP stands for Search Engine Result Page)

The biggest factor that leans me toward Empire is the GEO Targeting Traffic. Meaning, you can choose not only the Country the clicks come from, but also the State. For local small businesses, that is HUGE!

They also offer a free trial.

SERP Empire Setup

  1. Identify the keyword you want someone to search for to find your business.

If your company name is “Crystal Glass Repair” and you’re located in San Diego, the keyword would be “Crystal Glass Repair San Diego” without the quotes. Pick out about 5-7 core primary keyword phrases.

  1. Create a SERP Empire account. Make sure you get the free trial. Visit this page to do so:
  2. Enter your email and click “Start for free now!”
  3. Slide the slider to FREE/7Day (Far Left), then click “Try Now For Free”.
  4. Configure the Trial > Enter your domain name without the http or https, click “Next”.
  5. Enter the country you are in and click “Finish”.
  6. Go to your email and click the “Verity Email” button on the Activate Account Email sent to you.
  7. Click “See Your Dashboard” on the page that loads.
  8. QUICKLY –
    • Click on the GREEN “Active” button to stop the program.
    • Click on the RED “Deactivate” button to stop the program from running.
  9. Click on the GOLD “Settings” button to make a few adjustments.
  10.  Choose your State from the pull down, then your City (Under Region). If you are using a paid plan, then change the “Page Sessions” to 4-5 pages. If you are using a paid plan, then change the “Avg Duration” to 210 – 240 Seconds.
  11. Change out your keywords
  12. Delete all the pre-populated fields by selecting and deleting (including search #).
  13. Add back in all the keyword phrases you saved from step 1.
  14. If you are on the trial, then you have 50 searches per day. Just make sure the search totals for all the keyword phrases add up to 50.
  15.  Click the BLUE “Modify” button to Save the changes.
  16. Click the GREEN “Activate” button to reactivate the campaign and start the program.
  17. To check on the progress of the program, just click the GREEN “Statistics” Button

Video Overview of the Empire setup process:

That’s it! You can also track the progress in your Google analytics.



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