Google My Business Action Plan

Management Phase:

What Not To Do

This strategy can be used to improve the rankings of your actual website, but I do not recommend doing this by yourself.

Unless you have the right experience, there is a chance you can have a negative effect on your website with search engines.

This is safe to do with GMB because it’s owned by Google (they aren’t going to penalize their own properties).

If you do feel that you have the experience necessary to put this to work for your own website, you will need to take some other factors into consideration:

  • Choose the page you want to improve rankings for.
  • The keyword(s) you want the page to rank better for.
  • The monthly search volumes for your target keywords.
  • Whether or not you want to space out your order over a number of days or you want to do it all at once.


Much like GMB, this will only have good results if the page/website you are working with is set up for success.

While it may not have the link equity that the top ranking pages have, it should have a killer user experience and lightning fast load times (among other things, like Schema and keyword mapping).

If this sounds like gibberish to you, it’s a good sign that you should not be trying to do this yourself.



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